2019 Tickets


General Ticket  NT$1,200
Group Tickets  NT$9,500+ (10 tickets +) 


Early Bird Specials (Offer is only available from 8/1 to 8/31)

Single  NT$1,099

Couple  NT$1,999

Four People  NT$3,800


Ticket Includes:
1. NT$500 for food purchases (Restaurant only).
2. Coupon from Ubereats for NT$70 off for the first three orders
 for the new user.

3. Coupon from Uber for NT$100 off for the first two rides for the new user, and 10% off for two rides for the existing user.

4. Coupon from FunNow for NT$100 off by consumption of up to NT$500.(Only for FunNow ticket buyers)

Show Features:

1. Over 100 different dishes, fine wines, beverages, and other foods to sample and buy from some of Taipei′s best restaurants, importers and artisan food makers.

2. Hundreds of wines, champagne, cider, craft beer, and others from suppliers the world over.

3. Cooking Demonstrations: Free, live cooking demonstrations will take place each day, every hour at the Kitchen Theater.

4. Wine Classes: FIJI Water-Water & Wine Tasting Class will host a variety of fun and informative wine seminars featuring some of Taiwan′s premier wine experts.  Classes will be held each day, and each hour.

5. Private Sommelier Tours: 8 top sommeliers will be providing a limited number of free, private tours on-site. Tours will visit key wines and food exhibitors for special tasting opportunities and information.

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2019 購票

一般票每張 1,200元

團體票每張 950元 【限一次購買10張以上】


早鳥優惠 (優惠僅限8/1至8/31止)

單  人  1,099元

​雙人套票  1,999元

四人套票  3,800元


1. 餐點抵用點數 (內含500點,可全部折抵現場餐廳餐點,其他展位可用信用卡、icash及悠遊卡交易)

2. Ubereats 訂餐優惠:新會員可享前三次70元訂餐折抵。 

3. Uber 乘車優惠:(1) 新會員可享兩趟100元乘車折抵及 (2) 現有會員可享兩趟九折乘車折抵。

4. FunNow消費優惠:100元折抵,滿500元可使用。(僅限FunNow平台購票者)


  • 有機會品嚐數百種餐酒搭配,邀您帶著品味一站吃遍全世界美食,每道名菜均價僅百元起。


  • 現場提供來自世界各地的數百款葡萄酒、香檳、手工啤酒、水果酒試飲及購買。


  • 名廚面對面:在名人廚房可以免費欣賞多位名廚的烹飪表演並在結束後品嚐名廚們新鮮、創意、菜單上吃不到的美味料理。


  • 品酩活動: FIJI Water-品水品酒教室每小時提供葡萄酒專業品酒課程,由台灣最專業的品酩專家及侍酒師授課


  • 侍酒師帶路逛展:由八大黃金侍酒師陣容帶領,帶著酒杯一邊品嚐現做佳餚,一邊學習餐酒搭配的祕訣。

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​* 購票後請至異國風情美食節活動網站登入並領取門票QRcode及優惠劵

團體票:950元,意者請與主辦單位連繫。02 2777 1725 轉310或312